TradingPool Coin Team Details

Basic Coin Information

Ticker: TPC
Coin Supply: 21.000.000
Premine: 100.000
Type of Work: POS
Coin start date: 23rd Dec 2019 15:27:46 (swap)

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Name: Carlos Lontro 

Nationality: PT

Team Position: CEO

Discord ID: 382550817888010241

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TradingPool coin Strategy Planning

TPC will act as an Investment vehicle with collateral backed by direct coin purchases and Redeemable ShareRights with
the rewards providing a passive income for its investors.


Reinvestment of the TradingPool profits and increase in buybacks and price support.


The trading pool believe strongly in marketing and will use its connections successfully gained through years of experience in the financial and cryptocurrency markets.

Safer Investing

Shareholder Rights on the Collateral through Direct Invesmtents in the TradingPool.

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