Midas Team Details

Basic Coin Information

Ticker: Midas
Coin Supply: 5 000 000
Premine: 2%
Premine: Unknown
Type of Work: POS/MN/DEV 
Coin start date: 05/10/2018

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Name: Iakov Levin

Nationality: RUS

Team Position: CEO

Discord ID: 403128632492687371

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Midas Strategy Planning

The leading platform for your Masternode and Proof of Stake coins. The complete solution for trading, managing and monitoring
your passive income portfolio

Instant Share

An Instant Share is an opportunity for an investor to deposit any amount of collateral, and begin receiving rewards immediately. This eliminates both the high cost of entry, as well as the costly downtime of shared nodes.


Midas offers reinvestments options allowing investors to reinvest earned rewards to increase their investment. By reinvesting their share, investors build their share at an increasing rate through compound interest.


For the first time, earn rewards whilst you trade on exchange! No trading bots or wash trading, No user KYC data required.


InstantBuy provides the opportunity to purchase coins instantly, with no hassle, delay or fuss. Simply purchase coins, receive them to your share and immediately begin generating rewards on those coins.

No waiting for orders to fill, no waiting for block confirmations and no delays in starting to earn rewards. Your time is your money.

Lock In Feature

The concept of the MIDAS Lock-in is simple: Hold the required Midas coin in the Lock-in on the Midas platform and this activates zero fees on investments. The MIDAS held in the Lock-in always remain your property and in your control and an investor is not required to make any ongoing payment to continue using this service.

Burn Out

Burn-out provides the investor with the opportunity to create a new passive income streams. By activating your Burn-out through your Midas account, you receive payouts whenever other users activate their Burn-out in the future.

Midas Rating

Over 50 different metrics contribute towards the overall rating with each metrics provided a weighting to the rating result allowing projects to be compared directly against one another across these metrics.

Midas Burn

Burning is sending coins to the non-retrievable address, which no-one has keys for.

For Midas coins this address is mZBurnMidasCoinsAddressSecurgHULjf.

Sending coins to the address practically burns them, taking out of the circulation. This is one of the most efficient ways to decrease overall supply, which makes the price much stabler.

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