GOSSIP Coin Team Details

Basic Coin Information

Ticker: GOSS
Coin Supply: Infinite
Premine: 25.000.000
Premine: GaYnBPYkWENeUSz1cKonUroRBYt92fkTMQ
Type of Work: POS
Coin start date: 06/03/2019

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Name: Mai Steven

Nationality: GER

Team Position: CEO

Discord ID: 441646960420847637

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GOSSIP Coin Strategy Planning

Our blockchain is the basis of this project. We have already experienced a lot in this crypto world, good and bad, we have learned a lot, invested a lot of time and efforts and we have made the firm decision to build a successful project. We work on it every day and invest a lot of our time to make a little difference in this crypto world.

Secure Coding

Our source code is clean, well structured, good quality and up-to-date.
We work with European quality standards. We do rigorous testing before we deliver the products.

Large Portfolio

We offer a huge portfolio of software products which keeps on growing with more improved features.
We keep a good market insight and stay aware with any developments.

Startup Support

We are not going to leave you out in the rain.
We will get you started with the help of our products. This can be an orientation aid or we take over the commissioning together.

Demo Systems

Our goal is “See and feel our products before you buy them”. That is the reason we use live demo systems wherever possible.

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