Fline Team Details

Basic Coin Information

Ticker: Fline (FLN)
Coin Supply: 5 000 000
Premine: 2%
Premine: Unknown
Type of Work: POS/MN 
Coin start date: 11/feb/2019

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Name: Iakov Levin

Nationality: RUS

Team Position: CEO

Discord ID: 403128632492687371

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Fline coin specs

FLINE Strategy Planning

The Fline trading bot has been around for a while, but until recently it was only available to Fline Masternode owners. This created some problems with accessibility, as only a very limited pool of investors could utilize the bot’s strategies.

Now, anyone registered to the Midas platform can participate in the trading bot and begin earning profits! Benefits to Fline investors are still present, as anyone who owns 2500 or more Fline can enjoy reduced bot fees.

With these changes, the Fline bot is one of the most successful, accessible, and affordable automated strategies on the market! Unlike many services that require monthly payments regardless of their profitability, the Fline bot’s fees are only paid when trades are profitable. The fees are: 50% for regular users, and 40% for Fline investors.

The best tool for holding your BNB is here!

We have developed the bot that buys and sells BNB on your Binance account according to trend, multiplying your BTC and BNB.

Since it is connected to your Binance API, only you have control of funds, which means it is safe.

The backtest results are amazing and showing a stable growth during the BNB exsistence:

BACKTEST:  BNB/BTC spot trading API Binance backtest

The compound profit from the start of 2020 year is 30%, which is an awesome start for this year.

During the next month we will add only 20 accounts. The subscription is available for 3 or 6 months, because the bot is aimed for long-term results.

30% of BTC earned from this instrument will be spent for Fline buyback.

It is one of the best tools to diversify your portfolio to maximise profits during altcoin season.

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