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KYD verficiation have an experiment date, to renew or extend your verification we advice you to contact us on our discord server or by email. We want to be very clear that verification only means we’ve verified their state issued ID as stated above.

 The project may still be an idea that people won’t buy or will fail based on being just a plain bad coin idea. They may have the best intentions but their idea never catches on. There is a big difference from a scam coin that only has the plan of stealing BTC versus a coin that just doesn’t succeed. Please understand the risk in crypto and investing. 

KYD is not responsible for any loss to one of our verified coins.

Expired Verifications

Your coin will be verified with a date/time stamp. It will be valid for 6 months from the date of verification. After which, you will need to renew your application. For coins that do not renew their verification, it will be moved to another section. Upon renewal your coin you will be re-instated as a verified coin. You will have 1 month from the date of expiry to renew your application otherwise you will need to put up a new application.

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