Team Review Application Form

Getting listed as coin

Your existing coin can get an approval certificate from KYD. This certificate means that we guarantee that your team exists of real people. We will list your project on our page as verified This will give your investors or community members confidence in the legitimacy of your coin. We offer a private review and a public review. In the case of the private review, we will just display that you are verified but won’t publish your names and pictures. This will give enough trust to your followers, but a public review will provide even more trust. You will allow us to publish your names, pictures and LinkedIn profile (if applicable).

You will need to fill in a form that ask some basic questions and also requires a copy of the passport of all core team members.
  • Review & Listing will take approximately 1.5 week.
  • Verification Fees
    The verification fees depend on the status of your coin. More established coins require less verification than newer coins. Therefore, there is a difference between coins.
  • Paid Listings
    - 0.3 BTC - ICO/Presale
    - 0.2 BTC - Launched 1 month Under Public (exchange required)
    - 0.1 BTC - Regular Public Listing
  • Free Listings
    - Free - Special Public Listing Top 500 Coin on CoinMarketCap (or high profile coin)
  • Fast-Track listings
    - 0.05 BTC - Fast Track: Not Guaranteed to be only coin listed that day
    - 0.1 BTC - Fast Track: Dedicated Day, Twitter Post

For regular listings (non ICO/presale) we have a 1 person minimum of doing the verification. This person must be the CEO.

For ICO listing we require three people of the team to verify. One being the CEO. The others must be Core team.

For ICO / presale we require 3 people on the team to identify. Of which one must be the team lead.
For normal verifications one person is enough.