KYD multipurpose Form

Getting listed as coin project or service provider

Your existing project can get a verified certificate from KYD and be listed on our website as verified, this certification means that we guarantee that your team exists of real people which will give your investors and community members additional confidence in the legitimacy of your project. We will list your project on our page as verified at along with names, pictures and LinkedIn profile(if applicable) following successful completion of the verification process.

You will need to fill in a form that asks some basic questions(found below) and provide a email address of your team members.
  • Review & Listing will take approximately 1.5weeks.
  • The verification fees depend on the status of your project, more established projects require less verification than newer projects
  • Listings payed in KYD will get 10% off
  • Your team verification will help you to build a successful relationship with your community